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A.Webster Feb 2005

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Brompton Climber

I had a (rather battered) Brompton and a 24 inch suitcase, but, the French Alps seemed to demand a bit more than my trusty Sturmey Archer AW3 could deliver so...

I replaced the original chainring with this:

Stronglight Escapade bought as a 48-38-28, re-fitted as a 52-28 by also buying a set of double chainring bolts and 52t ring, then discarding the 38t middle ring.

It worked with the original 1/8 chain with the 48, but works better with a 3/32 chain (the chain needed to be a link longer for the 52 ring).  I also changed the rear sprocket to a 14t 3/32 sprocket to give me an all-new drive chain

Here's the chain on the small ring.  No adjustment to the chain tensioner at the back is needed.

How do you change?  Simple, ease the chain over with inside of heel while pedalling with left foot (easier with clipless pedals).

Adding bar-ends made longer journeys much easier (these are cut-down standard bar ends).  They don't impede folding (but raking the bars forward like this does). 

My machine was well used when I got it, so needing a bungee to hold it closed was no change for me.